How do I register

The 2019/20 Summer Season sees the implementation of a new registration system. We are all learning this new system together, so we appreciate your patience and understanding as we figure out how to make the system work for you.

We plan to build a step by step guide on how to use the new registration site, but for now the follow tips and tricks may help:

  1. As the system is new, you’ll have to register for a new account

  2. When you start the registration process, you’ll be asked to select the membership type before you enter the player details. Our most common problem with the system so far is selecting the right age group. See the section below for our league age guide, and select the right age group for the comp you wish to register for

  3. We can redeem Active Kids Vouchers for you, please refer to the section below.

As we become more familiar with the process, we’ll update this page, but if you are having any difficulties please email, or It helps if you can send us a screenshot of the error or issue you are experiencing too!

Why do I get a DOB not valid error?

Age groups for the registration system operate on Little League ages for the season. The applicable age group is the age the player turns in the period 1 September to 31 August the following year. The age ranges are:

Can I use an Active Kids Voucher?

The club is able to accept your Active Kids Vouchers as partial payment of your child’s registration fees again this year.

You will be able to select an Active Kids Voucher variant of each applicable membership type (including seniors) and have the voucher credited against your fees at registration time. You will need to provide us with details of your Active Kids Voucher within 7 days of registration using the survey form below.

Please note that if we are unable to successfully redeem your Active Kids Voucher, the addition amount (up to $100) will need to be paid to the club before your child can continue playing

You can complete your Active Kids Voucher claim here: