Conditions of Registration and Membership

The information below forms part of the conditions of registration for Wests Boomers Baseball Club (the Club). By completing this application you are agreeing to these conditions.

"Playing By The Rules"

I consent to playing with the Club and attending its meetings, matches and training sessions and agree to abide by the Constitution, Rules and Code of Conduct set down by the Club and any League, Association or Body with which the Club is affiliated. I understand that failure to abide by such may result in termination of my playing rights, Club Membership and loss on any fees paid.

Medical Attention

I give permission for the Club to arrange medical attention that may be deemed necessary including ambulance transport and I agree to pay for all such costs incurred.

Assumption of Risk

Baseball, like any sport, carries inherent risk of injury and I assume responsibility for that risk. I understand that the Club carries only minimal player insurance and that it is my responsibility to arrange adequate insurance cover according to my needs. Except for situations in which a claim arises as a result of a negligent act or failure to discharge its duty of care, I will not hold the Club, its officers, officials, members or volunteers responsible for any injury, accident or illness sustained howsoever caused.

While attending games, events, functions etc organised by the Club or affiliated bodies, both my property and my person shall be at my own risk and I will not hold the Club, its officers, officials, members or volunteers liable for any personal injury or loss of property. 

Use of Images

I consent to photographs of myself, my child and other family members engaged in activities organised by the Club being published on the Club website or provided to the local newspaper.

Release of Information

I consent to my contact details (player and parent names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses) being distributed to all other players selected to play in the same team, to Ryde-Hornsby Baseball League, NSW Baseball League Inc, Pacific Coast Baseball League or any other relevant body.


The Club is committed to providing fun and competitive baseball for players of all ages and levels of development. In order to meet this goal and cater for as many players as possible, the Club may grade live ball players and make joint teams with neighbouring clubs.

Fines, Penalties and Charges

I understand that any fines and penalties imposed by the League or Association running a competition shall be the responsibility of the individuals on a team so affected. Failure to make restitution to the Club for fees paid on behalf of the team may result in suspension of playing privileges and/or membership to the Club.