Wests Boomers Baseball Club Inc.

Provisions of the Player Insurance Policy

All players who are registered and are currently financial with our club are covered by a limited insurance policy taken out by the Australian Baseball Federation (ABF).
All registration fees must be paid for insurance to be effective.
Any additional coverage is at the cost and responsibility of the player.

Things to note regarding this policy: 

  • The policy is basically a public liability insurance policy which protects both the club and the players from potentially very large liability claims associated with baseball activities.
  • The policy has very limited personal injury provisions.  These take the form of compensation for nominated serious injuries that might occur during a sanctioned baseball activity and some hospital costs associated with these injuries.
  • A sanctioned baseball activity would include practice sessions organised by the coach or manager of the team (or an officer of the club) at a suitable venue, warm up and warm down before and after games and the games themselves. Not included would be activities such as “let’s go down to the park and hit a few baseballs”.
  • The policy DOES NOT cover any medical costs associated with injuries other than those nominated.  These are covered by Medicare and Australian law prevents any form of gap insurance for the difference between the Medicare rebate and the cost of treatment through your nominated service provider.

If an injury should occur on game day, please ensure that this is noted on the match card / match report sheet and score book, which are the only official record of the game.

If an injury should occur during practice, ensure that the coach advises either the President or the Secretary of the Club so that the incident can be documented.

If you require any further information, please contact the Club.